13 Facts About Ghostwriting Your Ghostwriter Isn’t Telling You

Many ghostwriters are honest, professional writers who desire and have the skills to get your book or other material written at high quality. However, there are some things you should look out for when you’re choosing a ghostwriter for your project. read more →

Remember an Introvert has Feelings Also

Extroverts don’t understand introverts. How could someone not enjoy socializing, parties, getting up on stage, and performing? On the other hand, introverts think extroverts are crazy people. Let me tell you how I came to terms with being an introvert. read more →

LiveDrive: Back up your data to the cloud

Keep a copy of all of your data, photos, videos (optionally), and files in the cloud in case of disaster using the Livedrive product. read more →

Use Livedrive instead of Carbonite to Protect Your Data

It’s inevitable that something will happen that will destroy the data on your computer. Protect yourself by installing Livedrive today. This will automatically back up the data on your computer to the cloud, where it is safe from disaster. read more →

Backup is hard to do (apparently)

Backup is one of the very most important tasks you can perform. If you do that, you can recover your files if disaster strikes. Livedrive is an excellent, automated solution. read more →

Call yourself a Professional? Show yourself off!

Do you want to be seen as a professional? You need to act like one, spend the time, money and effort to create an attractive and interesting brand. read more →

Writers block and what to do about it

Many writers get writers block for one reason or another. This is a very disheartening phenomenon. Here are some tips for overcoming it. read more →

Use a Book Coach To Get Your Book Written Without Breaking The Bank

A book coach can help you get your book written without breaking the bank! You say you want to write a book, but the process of getting a book done is a mystery. Maybe you started a few times, written a few pages, and realized how difficult it will be. You look into hiring a.. read more →

It’s a Responsibility Thing

John Shields, was a legend among legends, highly respected and a little bit frightening given his to-the-point demeanor and no-nonsense approach. He coached all his people to practice responsibility. read more →

Is Ghostwriting Ethical?

Is ghostwriting ethical? It depends on what we mean about ghostwriting. In the case of books, it’s a well-established tradition for famous individuals and influencers to write their books using a ghostwriter. read more →