21 Oct 2017

You call yourself an entrepreneur?

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How do people know about you? Why are you credible? How do they know you are the expert? Why would they believe you can solve their problem?

Some business don’t do anything – and generally they will fail.

Others half-heartily maintain a blog, but writing articles and keeping it up-to-date is a lot of work. Besides, no one visits anyway…

A few focus on LinkedIn and create a great profile, others use Facebook pages.

The problem with all of these methods is they require constant attention. They all need content added on a regular basis – weekly at the least – and engagement with an audience. Who’s got time for that with a business to run?

There is one way to permanently establish your credibility, define yourself as the expert, and tell your story ONCE. You do the work ONCE…. and you become THE expert.

What is this magical device?

Authoring a book! Once you publish a book, you are the expert in your niche. You gain instant credibility, assuming the book is well written. You have something you can hand out to your prospects, customers, vendors and anyone else.

But you don’t know how to write? And doesn’t that take a lot of time?

You don’t have to write the book yourself. You can hire a ghostwriter to do the heavy lifting for you.

So —- being the author of a book is the best way to gain instant brand recognition and leap-frog past the competition.

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Richard Lowe Jr

Richard Lowe Jr

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Richard is the Owner and Senior Writer for The Writing King, a bestselling author, and ghostwriter. He's written and published 63 books, ghostwritten 16 books, as well as hundreds of blog articles.
Richard Lowe Jr


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Richard Lowe Jr

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