23 May 2022

Is Powerful Writing the Next Frontier of Freelancing?

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A few short years ago, work-from-home jobs seemed like something of a rarity, but research indicates that almost 10% of jobs posted online are now fully remote. With the rise of online work has come an increase in freelancing, too, and many recent college graduates are seeking to monetize their skills through gig economy work. If you’re assessing your skills and wondering what may be the most lucrative, consider freelance writing.

Capitalize on a Skill That Everybody Has

You start to write when you are about five years old. At this point, you’re mostly scribbling letters, but a little while later, you’ll be composing sentences. By the time you’re college-aged, you’ve had close to 15 years of practice, and you’re likely a pro. Everybody can write, and it’s an in-demand skill, so it’s the perfect path to freelancing.

If you’re currently enrolled in or recently graduated from college, you also have a great opportunity to hone your writing skills further with classes at your university. Consider taking an English course that may be outside your comfort zone — Medieval Literature, for example — and challenge yourself to write about something you’re unfamiliar with.

Improving your writing skills isn’t the only prerequisite to a freelance career. You’ll also need to develop a plan for marketing your services, finding jobs, and attracting clients. Luckily, there are many freelance platforms on the web that allow writers to browse available jobs. You can also advertise and showcase your services with eye-catching and well-made infographics. Use an infographic template that you can customize with the text, logos, and photos that suit your brand. It may take a while to gain experience, but after a while, you should have a steady list of clients.

Managing Your Finances as a Freelancer

Every successful freelancer knows that a basic level of business savvy is just as important as refined writing skills. You need to ensure that your labor is profitable by invoicing your clients according to a clear and timely system. An invoice generator makes this easy.

When you have enough clients that you’re sending out invoices regularly, you may want to shift from a freelance business model and establish an official business entity. To do so, you’ll need to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) so that the IRS can track your payroll taxes. This also makes it easier to file your taxes quarterly or annually.

Remember that as a freelancer, you won’t have taxes deducted from your pay automatically. This means that you will need to proactively set aside a portion of your wages every time you get paid. Freelancers are also usually burdened with higher tax liability because they pay an additional self-employment tax.

You Can Earn Income With Freelance Writing

It’s not uncommon for recent grads and students who graduate soon to approach job hunting with apprehension. Freelancing offers a simple way to further develop your skills and earn income on your own terms. You can make money doing what you already do every day — writing. Freelance writing can provide a path to your next career opportunity, or it can be a long-term source of stable income. Either way, it’s great for college-aged professionals seeking flexible work.

Build a business and establish loyal customers by writing high-quality content. With enough business savvy and financial planning, you can turn freelance writing into a lucrative endeavor.

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