Back Up Your Work in the Cloud

Purchase a cloud backup program such as Livedrive to keep the files on your computer safely and securely stored in the cloud. read more →

Fix your business cards to get more return calls

Business cards – we all have them. The ONLY purpose of a business card is to be able to give someone your email address and phone number. Everything else (besides your company name) is irrelevant. In fact, too much information will detract from the value of your cards. The purpose is to give people a.. read more →

If You Read One Article About Blogging Read This One

Are blogs a waste of time? Well, it depends. If you search through one of the content mills such as Upworks, Fiverr or any number of others, you’ll find a plethora of writers who will bid for your work. You write up a short description of what you want, put it out to bid, and.. read more →

How not Using LinkedIn Makes you a Rookie

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking and branding tools in the world. If used properly and aggressively, you will find yourself connected to an incredible and useful network. On the other hand, if your profile is substandard or if you are not using LinkedIn, you are walking away from customers, qualified leads and.. read more →

How Grammar can keep you from Embarrassment

Good writing with excellent grammar and spelling is a requirement in today’s fast paced, communication oriented world. Most people communicate many times a day on social media, their blog, and via email and texting and by other means. Often these communicates appear to be private, and they may even be protected by privacy settings in.. read more →

How Authors can Network to Sell More Books

Authors! Do you want to sell more books? Well, believe it or not, it’s a good idea to step away from the computer once in a while and network with people in your local community. This makes your name known, you become liked, and those in your local area will come to trust you. In.. read more →

Know When to Outsource

Small business owners often run their companies on a tight budget, so it often appears to be best to try and do as much of the work by themselves as possible. Sometimes this means they venture out into areas where they don’t have the expertise, but try anyway. The thought might me, “how hard can.. read more →

Block Advertisements in your Browser and Improve your Experience

Many of us are annoyed by the constant flow of advertising when browsing the internet. It seems that every page of most websites now contains dozens of ads ranging from small text links all the way to full page, multi-media advertisements. YouTube is including video ads at the beginning, and sometimes inside of, their content. Sometimes.. read more →

How to make Business Networking Work for You

Do you want your business to expand and prosper? Of course you do. Otherwise, why would you be in business? To make networking work, you have to do the work. Find local networking groups including general ones (such as RGANetwork or BNI)  and groups more specific to your profession. Check them out as a guest for.. read more →

Register and Use a Branded Hashtag

Hashtags are common to most social media, and they are used to group many different posts together. By doing this, people can put in a hashtag on any social media and find all posts on that platform. But did you know if you type in the # symbol and the hashtag in Google, it will show.. read more →

10 May 2017
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