Call yourself a Professional? Show yourself off!

Do you want to be seen as a professional? You need to act like one, spend the time, money and effort to create an attractive and interesting brand. read more →

There Ain’t no Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Is there really such a thing as a free lunch? Nothing is ever free, and that applies doubly so for the internet. That “free” service you are using is actually costing you far more than you might think. Always remember that when something appears to be free, that you or somebody else is paying somehow. read more →

Why LinkedIn Makeover is the Secret Ingredient

LinkedIn Makeover will work with you to create a professional, highly targeted LinkedIn profile to showcase your brand and present your message to the world read more →

Play the Game Be Social on Social Media

If you play the social media game by liking, commenting and sharing on your subject, you can get related traffic over time. read more →

Audit Your Social Media

Audit your social media and delete anything that doesn’t show you in a positive light. Your online presence will be judged by others, including employers. read more →

The Writing King interviewed by The Web Woman

BONNIE: Welcome everyone, this is Bonnie Dillabough, aka The Web Woman, and I’m here today with someone that you are just going to love to hear about. I’ve had an opportunity to read some of his work, and I have to tell you how impressed I am with what he has to day about so.. read more →

Ineffective Ways to Use LinkedIn

Use the features of LinkedIn to build and maintain your network. On the other hand, misuse LinkedIn an you may be doing yourself more harm than good. read more →

The Image on Sharing my Facebook Post to WordPress Looks Weird

Sometimes when sharing from WordPress to Facebook the image can be cropped. Even worse, The Facebook post can picks the wrong image entirely. Here’s what to do about it. read more →

Should I Use Yelp For My Business?

To attract locals to your business, you need to be listed on Yelp. And why not? It’s free and simple. Just enter your information, monitor it occasionally, and you’re set. read more →

Automating Writing Tasks Can Free Up Hours Each Day

Is marketing, promoting, writing books and publishing becoming overwhelming? If so, perhaps it is time to do some automation of some routine tasks. I write lots of blogs (almost daily) and create videos, and using automation I was able to remove the burden of spreading the word about each one. Now it’s done for me. read more →