What’s this thing called Alignable?

Alignable is a social media platform designed to let local businesses network and learn about each other. It’s a useful platform. read more →

Audit Your Social Media

Audit your social media and delete anything that doesn’t show you in a positive light. Your online presence will be judged by others, including employers. read more →

Ineffective Ways to Use LinkedIn

Use the features of LinkedIn to build and maintain your network. On the other hand, misuse LinkedIn an you may be doing yourself more harm than good. read more →

Who Needs Professional Profiles

You should create professional profiles in all of the major social media outlets and consistently post relevant, quality content. read more →

The Image on Sharing my Facebook Post to WordPress Looks Weird

Sometimes when sharing from WordPress to Facebook the image can be cropped. Even worse, The Facebook post can picks the wrong image entirely. Here’s what to do about it. read more →

Goodreads Sucks and is Not Worthwhile

Goodreads Sucks. There is a lot of potential, after all it has millions of readers, but given the trolling and hostility, it’s value is debatable. read more →

Do You Need a LinkedIn Profile? Find out in this 2 Minute Podcast

In this episode of The Writing King’s 2-minute podcast, we asked the question “do you need a LinkedIn profile?” Find out why a LinkedIn profile is important to professionals. read more →

Facebook Has Tools to Get Your Books, Products or Services Noticed

Facebook, and other social media, provides an About area which gives you the opportunity to promote your own books, services and products in a subtle manner read more →

Using LinkedIn to Establish Your Personal Brand

LinkedIn is a vital component to your personal brand. Spend the time and money to make your profile stand out and be as good as you can make it. read more →

Center on your Blog for Personal Branding

You have an incredible quantity of options to chose from when promoting your personal brand. In fact, it can quickly become overwhelming, with so much to do that nothing ever gets done. Even if you only concentrate on using the major social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter, that’s still a lot.. read more →