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  • Use Livedrive to automatically backup your computer data LiveDrive is Great to Backup Your Computer Automatically - One of the most critical tasks for any computer owner is backup. Yet most neglect this. LiveDrive can help by automating the process. Backup your computer and save your data when the inevitable happens and your drive or computer crashes.

Kindle Products

  • Amazon Marketing Services will help you sell more books Why the World Would End Without Amazon Marketing Services AMS - Are you tired of not getting any sales of your books? Fed up with promotions that cost money and don't work? Get AMS ATM today to learn how to sell more books using Amazon Marketing Services! This method can cause you to earn more money without a lot of time or money.
  • Writing a great book description means you will sell your book I Will Tell You The Truth About How to Sell Your Book - You've put a lot of work into you book, and you want it to sell, right? Learn how to write a book description that causes your readers to purchase NOW. Until you understand and apply the techniques described here, your book sales will not be their best.
  • Kindle Sales Statistics are made easy by KDPulse Kindle Sales Statistics Made Easy by KDPulse - If you publish books for the Kindle, then you need this product to make sense of the statistics of your book: how many sales, how much money, and so on. Tracking your sales is critical for you to determine if your books are selling well or you need to make corrections.
  • eBook promotion made easy by KDROI eBook Promotion Made Easy with KDROI - KDROI is the tool you need to submit your free or promotionally priced book for eBook Promotion. It's fast, easy and straightforward. A job that took hours in the past now only requires a few minutes. It's a great time saver for a task is dull and repetitive.
  • use KDSpy to define out vital information about your category Kindle Spy (KDSpy) Can Help You Find Your Book Category - If you are a self-publisher, than you need KdSpy in order to find out the book category to pursue. If you don't use this application, you are running blind. By using this browser extension, you can examine categories and use that information to improve your sales.


  • Udemy Courses are expensive training and high-quality Udemy Courses are Inexpensive Training, High-Quality and Powerful - Need to learn something? Udemy has a course for you! Inexpensive, quick, online, and simple. I've taken dozens of these courses and they are consistently great. One of the main things I like about Udemy is the courses are generally short, which is perfect for busy professionals.

Useful Tools

  • QR Stuff makes it easy to create and use QR codes QR Stuff is the place for QR codes - If you need QR codes for your book or merchandise, the QR Stuff website gives you the perfect solution. Get a paid account for lots of cool features. You can create QR codes, find out statistics about scans, and make changes if needed.

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Computer Security Applications

  • Malwarebytes stops ransomware and viruses Malwarebytes Stops Ransomware and Viruses Dead - To protect your computer from ransomware and other malicious infections, download and install Malwarebytes today, without delay. Malwarebytes is the only product that handles ransomware, rootkits and all other forms of malware.

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  • Siteground web hosting is fast, easy to use and powerful Siteground Web Hosting - If you want exceptional web hosting give Siteground web Hosting a try. Rock solid service, excellent support and flexible and powerful hosting.



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