Lessons I Learned From Hurricane Irma

I survived Hurricane Irma, the first one I’ve been through. Here are a few things that I learned from the experience that might help in the future. read more →

Preparing for Hurricane Irma to Survive

How do you prepare for a hurricane? You’ve got an advantage over other forms of disasters – generally, there is a warning several days in advance. Use those to prepare. read more →

A Hurricane is Coming! What Do I Do?

You heard on the news that a hurricane is coming. Now what do you do (besides panic)? What supplies do you need? What’s the plan? read more →

Stock Trash Bags in Your Survival Kit

Stock a few boxes of trash bags in your survival kit. If the water goes out you’re going to need them. It is a simple and inexpensive supply. read more →

Prescriptions and the State of Emergency

Did you know that if a state of emergency is declared, you might be able to get your prescriptions refilled regardless of when you last filled them? read more →

Food stockpile

I remember Katrina very well, even though I was living in California at the time. My sister-in-law and her family had a home in New Orleans and were severely impacted when that massive hurricane swept through Louisiana. It seems strange to me that my sister-in-law was completely unprepared for disaster even though hurricanes and storms are.. read more →

Drinking Water is Your Highest Priority after a Disaster

In a disaster situation, drinking water is the most important resource. Without enough clean, drinkable water, you will not survive. There are places to get drinking water even if you haven’t stocked up such as your pipes, ice cubes, etc. read more →

Get out and take a look

One of the very first steps in working through your disaster plan is to take a look around you. Literally, go outside and open your eyes. read more →

Knowledge can Help you Survive Disasters

The more you know about your area, survival and what can happen, the more likely you are to survive a disaster. Get educated! read more →

A full tank of gas could save your life

Believe it or not, keeping your gas tank full is a good way to improve your odds of survival after a disaster strikes. Don’t let it drop below 75% full. read more →