Books Don’t Sell Themselves

Writing a book is hard work, but that’s only the beginning. Next, you need to make a great cover, description and so forth to get it to move at all. read more →

Publishing a Coloring Book When you are not an Artist

If you are not an artists, yet still want to publish a coloring book, you can find artists or even use automated software to fulfill your dream. read more →

Professional Writer

Adopted from a live interview By Gail Mercer MacKay 6-Figure Freelance Writer Blueprint Gail: Richard, there has been a lot of excitement in our writing community about your success. Can you tell us your process for ghostwriting and freelancing? Richard: Well, the first thing is to be confident. You need to be confident of your value. Never go for.. read more →

Interviews with Influencers Book Series

You can make a book quickly by doing an interview of an influencer, transcribing the audio, formatting it, and then publishing it as a book. read more →

Why do You Need an ISBN Number?

An ISBN number is essential to properly classifying your book, so that book sellers can find it and the information about it. Do you need an ISBN number? Should you use the ones supplied “for free” from the various self-publishing companies? What does an ISBN number do, anyway? Let’s being by defining the purpose of an ISBN number… read more →