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MooBerry Install Service

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The MooBerry Book Manager is a great WordPress plugin intended to let authors list books on their blog or website. Using this plugin, you can define as many books as you want, and display them on individual book pages, display all of your book series together, and even display books by category.

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When you purchase this service, we’ll do the¬†following:

  • Install a backup plugin and create a backup of your blog
  • Install and activate the MooBerry books plugin
  • If you purchased the additional MooBerry book plugins install and activate them
  • Set up your first book
  • A 30-minute coaching call to explain how to use the plugin. We use the Zoom service so we can connect to your desktop and walk you through the plugin.

What we’ll need before we begin:

  • Your login details. You can either give us the admin account username and password or, better yet, create an admin account for us to use.
  • The details about one of your books, including the cover, description, category and so forth.
  • If you purchased the additional modules for MooBerry Book Manager, we’ll need the activation codes so we can enter them for you.

When you purchase our installation service, one of our skilled WordPress technicians will log into your WordPress account, install a backup plugin and ensure that your database and files are safe before beginning work. That way in the highly unlikely event that something goes wrong your blog can be restored quickly and easily.

Once the backup is complete, the MooBerry Book manager plugin will be installed and activated. We’ll even set up your first book for you so you have an example of how it works.

Once everything has been installed and verified, we’ll call you using Zoom for a 30 minute coaching call. During this call, we’ll set up your first book while you watch so you know exactly how everything is done. You can get your questions answered, and when the time is up you’ll understand how to enter the rest of your books and make changes.

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Richard Lowe Jr

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Richard Lowe Jr


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