Is it Morally Wrong to Use an AdBlock Application?

Is it morally wrong to use AdBlock? When I was younger, I subscribed to many different magazines. I was fascinated by different subjects, including military history, geopolitics, science fiction, fantasy, and photography. At first, the advertising was sparse and generally ads seem to be positioned with articles and content with a similar subject. Any other.. read more →

Why the World Would End Without Amazon Marketing Services AMS

Are you tired of not getting any sales of your books? Fed up with promotions that cost money and don’t work? Get AMS ATM today to learn how to sell more books using Amazon Marketing Services! This method can cause you to earn more money without a lot of time or money. read more →

Play the Game Be Social on Social Media

If you play the social media game by liking, commenting and sharing on your subject, you can get related traffic over time. read more →

Help A Reporter Out and Get Publicity

Use Help a Reporter Out to build your credibility and get backlinks for your website. Follow some simple guidelines to be successful at pitches to queries. read more →

Book Marketing – How to Waste Money and Time, Spin Your Wheels and Get Depressed

You can waste a lot of money on book marketing. Believe me, I know, because I’ve wasted more time and money than I like to think about. read more →

Goodreads Sucks and is Not Worthwhile

Goodreads Sucks. There is a lot of potential, after all it has millions of readers, but given the trolling and hostility, it’s value is debatable. read more →

The Wall of Marketing or The Need to Gain Eyeballs

Only a few people in the world can write, even less can publish, and a tiny few know how to get their books to sell. Instead, they hit the wall of marketing. read more →

You want to sell your books? Learn to Market!

Getting a book to sell more than a few copies is the major challenge faced by most authors in the self-publishing world. How do you create a profitable book? read more →