12 Jan 2018

LiveDrive is Great to Backup Your Computer Automatically


Backup Your Computer

Every computer owner needs to back up the data on their computer on a regular basis. Unfortunately, most people neglect to do this vital function. Sometimes they don’t have the time, don’t see the need, or “they’ll worry about it later.”

When the inevitable happens, and their computer is stolen, damaged in a disaster or crashes, the data is lost forever – if a backup has never been done. Sometimes, for a few thousand dollars, the data can be recovered, but this is problematical at best.

I Learned the Hard Way to Backup My Computer

I am a photographer, and years ago I had over 300,000 original photo images stored on an external disk drive. I was tight on money at the time, so I kept putting off creating a backup. I remember the day my disk drive died because it made a loud screeching noise and disappeared from my desktop.I had lost all 300,000 images (I managed to recover them by sending the drive to a disk recovery service at a cost of over $5,000.) From that point forward, I as determined never to be unprepared for this kind of disaster again.

Livedrive is a Great Solution to Backup Your Computer Online

Livedrive was my product of choice for backups, because the basic product will back up files from external disk drives (Carbonite didn’t support this function at the time, but it has since been added.) I actually wound up installing both products, Carbonite and Livedrive, at the same time on my system so I could get two separate backups. The potential loss of 300,000 images that I’d taken over many years was terrifying, and I was determined it would never happen again.

Livedrive has three options:

  • Backup, which is $8/month and is suitable for virtually everyone.
  • Briefcase, which does NOT back up your computer. This option lets you store data in a cloud backup.
  • Pro Suite, which includes both Backup and Briefcase, and has a lot more features.

For virtually everyone, the Backup option is all that’s needed. This will automatically back up your data files (not your operating system) to a cloud backup where they are safe from any disaster.

How do you choose between Carbonite and Livedrive? Carbonite includes the ability to backup your system and applications (in the more expensive version), while Livedrive will back up network and external disk drives in it’s basic version (Carbonite requires the more expensive version to do this.)

For your basic backup requirements, either product will work fine.

But choose one of these backup products, and do it today. Otherwise, your data is a disaster waiting to happen.

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I’m glad I’ve read this article, this will come in handy especially when you have so much important files..


$8 a month, hmmmm….. I e always just used external drives, but I like the idea of being able to access stuff from anywhere without having to carry a device around… Thanks!

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