29 Nov 2020

What Are You Passionate About? Freelance Ghostwriting is My Passion

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Life is a series of adventures. I look at the different periods of my life as chapters in a book. Looking back, I can see the distinct patterns that separate the various stories. Sometimes it seems as if each chapter has a definite beginning and end. There is the childhood chapter, high school, college, working as a vice president of a startup, then doing that a second time, being married, and working at Trader Joe’s for 20 years as their Director of Computer Operations and Technical Services. While at Trader Joe’s, I became a well-known photographer – kind of a weekend hobby – with over a million photos in my albums. Finally, in the newest chapter, I’ve become a ghostwriter.

To date, the current chapter of life is by far the most satisfying. Roughly 8 years ago, I walked out of the door of Trader Joe’s, where I had worked for almost 20 years, to start a brand-new adventure. I moved from California to Florida, and started a new business. I began as a writer and quickly realized that a career as a ghostwriter was the ideal place for me to be.

I’d always wanted to be a writer, but life had a habit of getting in the way. Moving out from my parents was a major challenge and just paying the bills and surviving was difficult. Next came managing the technical team for a computer consulting company – that was an entirely new and different challenge. Getting married – and there’s an entire story about that, and staying with her until she passed away 15 years later was one of the most difficult parts of my life.

But the leap to becoming a freelance ghostwriter living an entire country away from where I grew up, abandoning everything I knew in California, was the biggest challenge with the greatest reward.

Writing is my passion. During the last eight years, I’ve written and published several novels, 27 of my own nonfiction books, coloring books, puzzle books, and a few interview books. As a ghostwriter, I’ve completed 42 books, on subjects from artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and the IoT all the way to memoirs, a couple of novels, and other nonfiction books about dentistry, property management, and real estate.

As it turned out, I have a second passion, and that’s helping people. That’s what’s so great about ghostwriting – it intersects two passions. I get to help people write the book that they’ve always wanted to write, and I get to be a writer. To top it all off, I’ve found that I can make a decent living while working from home.

This set me up very well for the pandemic, and my business actually increased by 50% within the first month of the coronavirus lockdowns. I already worked from home, and I’d already come up with methods to find new customers. So, after the initial panic, I just put the pedal to the metal and prospected like crazy.

I’m happy that I found the perfect career to fit my circumstances. I get to help people do something that’s important to them and I get to practice my writing skills. Over the next year, I’m going to increase my client base dramatically and finish the four novels of my own that I’ve been working on for way too long.

The best thing about being a freelance ghostwriter, aside from fulfilling my passions, is that I get to choose my own clients – and I choose the best ones, create my own future, and don’t have to work for a large company. I think I’ll be ghostwriting for the rest of my life without worrying about what I’m going to do for retirement or how to impress my boss or his boss. I only need to worry about doing the best quality work within budget and on time. For me, nothing else could be better.

I’m curious, do you enjoy your chosen career? Why or why not?

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