03 Jan 2018

I Will Tell You The Truth About How to Sell Your Book

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Make a Living as a Professional Self-Published AuthorAre you getting discouraged because people aren’t buying your books? Sure, the occasional sale from a friend or family member who took pity on you is nice, but that’s not going to pay the bills. Hypnotic Book Descriptions has the answer for writing great copy for your Amazon Book Page. And by that I mean a description that converts lookers into buyers – in other words, book descriptions that sell your book.

I know the pain you’ve had trying to sell your book. I’ve published several dozen myself, and writing book descriptions can feel like a trip to the dentist … without anesthetic. I spent countless agonizing hours asking myself, “How do I sell my book?” I looked at everything and wasted huge amounts of money on fruitless promotions.

But to sell your book, you must write hypnotic book descriptions.

Having Trouble Making Your Book Sell on Amazon?

I know you are asking yourself, “How do I sell my book?

If you are like most authors, you’re checking your Kindle or Createspace statistics every day. And, most likely, you’re getting frustrated because you aren’t seeing the sales you expect or want.

Take a look at your book description. You know, the one on your Amazon book page. Would you buy your book based on what you read? Be honest with yourself. Does the description take you by the hand and tell you to buy the book?

Next to your book cover, the description of your book is by far the most important factor in converting your audience into readers.

  • Are you having trouble writing your book copy?
  • Does the task of describing your book feel painful and unfulfilling?
  • Have you written and rewritten your description dozens of times with no effect?

Yeah, been there, done that. It’s discouraging, seeing the sales flatlining day after day. But what can be done about it? Right? Well, you don’t have to put up with low sales. That’s actually not the way it’s supposed to work. Quality books with good covers, titles, keywords and descriptions will sell. It’s true that when you correctly promote your books they will sell even better, but nonetheless, it’s not normal for books, with everything done right, to flatline.

In other words, no sales means something needs to be fixed. Where do you start? Check the cover and work on the description of your book..

In Hypnotic Book Descriptions, you will learn everything you need to know about how to create an engaging story that turns shoppers into buyers.

People are predictable, and your job when writing your description is to give them what they want – an opportunity to become emotionally invested in and emotionally committed to reading your book. People need to become excited that they found your book, and feel like they MUST dive in and start reading as soon as possible. Your job is to make them want to buy it NOW.

Do You Want to Sell Your Book?

Wouldn’t it be nice for a change to:

  • Log in every day and see that dozens of copies of your books sold overnight?
  • Finally realize the true potential of your books?
  • Get paid well for the time you have spent writing?
  • Experience the excitement of self publishing again?
  • Be able to anticipate again what it will mean to your life to be a successful self-published author?
  • Get a steady income month after month from your books?
  • Stop pounding your head on the wall, asking “How do I sell my book?”

All you need to do is spend the time writing descriptions the right way, the hypnotic way, and your book will sell – as long as the other elements such as the cover, title, and so forth are also of high quality.

Click the link above to get your copy of Hypnotic Book Descriptions right away. Once you read this product and apply the concepts it contains, your book description will work to sell for you. Chances are, as long as you understand your target audience, that you’ll see those book sales climb. This is a tool that all authors who are self-publishing should own, read, and understand.


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Bonnie K. Dillabough

I bought this book and I have to say it really captures the attitude as well as the phrasing and content to include in a hypnotic book description. I can’t tell you how difrficult and frustrating it can be to put together a book description that not only captivates potential readers, but actually increases sales. Well done, Richard. This is definitely something anyone who wants to sell their books online should have in their working library.

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