What Is Ghostwriting?

What is ghostwriting? The word conjures up visions of a ghost writing a book. The first time I heard the word, many years ago when I was just a child, I envisioned a room filled with ghosts, sitting at their desks, hard at work writing books and novels. Yeah, when I was younger I had a very active imagination.

In reality, ghostwriting has nothing to do with ghosts. At first, the word “ghostwriter” might seem confusing, but it’s really pretty simple. A ghostwriter is someone you hire to write for you. In other words a ghostwriter is a contractor who helps you write your book, story, social media post, blog article, or whatever else you might need.

They’re called ghostwriters because they don’t get credit for the work – they are invisible to the readers of  your book or article. As far as the public is concerned you are the author. In fact, you don’t even need to put the name of the ghostwriter on the cover or anywhere in the book. That’s totally up to you.

Types of Ghostwriting

Nonfiction Books

Memoirs and Autobiographies

Business Books


Blogs and other Articles


Why Would Anyone Want to be a Ghostwriter?

I’m passionate about writing. I love to write novels, nonfiction, blogs, articles, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Writing is in my heart and soul and it makes me feel good when I see something that I’ve written published. .

Ghostwriting fills another passion – helping other people. You see, when I ghostwrite I’m helping someone fulfill their dream of writing and publishing their own book. Many people want to write a book, but something comes up in their life that prevents them from fulfilling that dream. it could be the stresses of the job, raising a family, or simply That they don’t know how to write or just can’t get started.

Best of all, I get  to fulfill two passions – writing and helping people – and get paid for it! What could be better?

On top of that, ghostwriting is a fascinating career. It’s educational because I learn about new subjects every day. I get to meet people from all over the world and understand their viewpoints. It can be disconcerting or frustrating sometimes. Most of the time, it’s just plain fun to interview, research, and write.

I guess I’m lucky in that I found a career that makes a good living for me and at the same time fulfills my passions. How many people can say that?


Think of a ghostwriter in the same way that you would think of an architect that you hire to build your house. The architect does the work and get paid for it but doesn’t receive any special credit except in rare circumstances.They just design and build your house, and when they’re done you move in and call it yours. Of course, the analogy doesn’t totally hold up, since with the house you don’t claim that you designed and built it. In the case of a book that is ghostwritten, you claim to be the author.

It’s probable that most celebrity books that you see have been ghostwritten. Think about it for a minute. Actresses and actors are paid to act, politicians lead the government, and industrial leaders and CEOs run their companies. Most of these people couldn’t write a book to save their life. Writing a book is difficult and requires a special set of skills learned over many years. It’s highly unlikely that celebrities such as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Lee Iacocca, and so forth took the time and had the skills to write hundred thousand words of a coherent, entertaining manuscript.

How do You Work With a Ghostwriter?

You find a ghostwriter that you believe you can work with by performing interviews, checking references and so on. The two of you negotiate a price, sign a contract, and you pay a down payment. It’s important to note that most ghostwriters get paid 25% or more upfront, and that’s nonrefundable. Once the preliminaries are out of the way, your ghostwriter and you will work together to define the book and outline it. Your ghostwriter will probably interview you several times.

The ghostwriters job is to write your book, perform interviews, and do some (but not necessarily all) of the research needed. Your role is to ensure the ghost writer understands what you want and give them the information needed. If you both communicate clearly with good understanding of each other, you’re going to get a great book.