How Does Ghostwriting Work? 20 Steps For An Incredible Book

I always offer a free consultation to talk about what kind of book or article is needed. One of the most common questions is, “How does ghostwriting work?”

I don’t want to interview people. I want to have a conversation. I want to talk to Paul McCartney about the bass sound on ‘The White Album.’Nikki Sixx

Ghostwriting a book is a project and it requires management to stay within your budget and time frame. The infographic below shows how a typical ghostwriting job works.

As a ghostwriter who projects professional ghostwriting services, I use your ideas and instructions to produce excellent content. I’ve ghost written over 20 books and have also written and published 60 of my own. The people who approach me want to hire me to write books, speeches, blogs, social media, or anything else.

The reason for the word “ghost” Is that the works are officially credited to someone else. The ghostwriter is typically called the writer, and the person credited with the writing is called the author.

Ghostwriters and book coaches are consultants, which means all work is done on a work for hire basis. You own the rights to the book; ensure the contract specifies that you own the copyright to the finished manuscript.

Before you lay out any money, sit down with your prospective ghostwriter or coach, in person, by phone, Zoom, or Skype, and discuss the project. This initial consultation should be free of charge. More work may be required to scope out the book, in which case the ghostwriter may ask for a small fee.

Following the consultation, the ghostwriter will put together a proposal, called a Statement of Work (SOW), which is a legal document that specifies all the terms of the project. Take this document seriously. Read it from top to bottom, several times if needed, and question the ghostwriter on any clause that you don’t understand.

Once you have a signed contract (SOW), the ghostwriter will perform some interviews, do any research necessary, and write your book. My preference is to write one chapter at a time, send it to the client for review, and incorporate any revisions. By the time the last chapter has been written, everything has been completed and signed off. Some editing of previous chapters may be needed, but the work will be light.

The writing process varies depending on the project. Sometimes I am approached by people who have a basic manuscript but understand it is not an publishable form. In those cases, my job is to rewrite it so that it becomes a marketable book. On the other extreme, I’ve written books based upon a single interview with the client. They told me what they wanted, made it clear that they didn’t have time, and all they wanted was for me to write them there book. The services provided are customizable to your needs, your abilities, and your desires.

A ghostwriter understands how to hook the reader into the manuscript. Each paragraph naturally flows into the next one. Each chapter practically forces the reader to proceed to the next one; the reader must move forward to find out how it ends.

Interviewing skills are a requirement for any ghostwriter. A primary purpose of interviews is to narrow the subject to cover the important points and discard those that do not support the theme and conclusions of the book.

While a ghostwriter has many skills, there are some tasks that you will need to do yourself or outsource to others. Your ghostwriter will discuss those with you as needed.

How Does Ghostwriting Work?

How Does Ghostwriting Work