17 Jun 2019

Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Passion?

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It is my belief that to be truly happy in this world, every person must focus their life towards fulfilling their passion. Your passion is the activity that makes your heart flutter, that brings you satisfaction over and over, and that gives you that feeling of success. For some of us, it is ministering or helping people, for others it is painting or dancing, and for me, it is writing.

In order to succeed, your passion and your personal goals must be in alignment. I believe this is a primary reason many very successful people are unhappy – they have lots of money or power, but in spite of all that, they are not succeeding where they want to succeed.

For a long time, I denied my passion, which is writing, speaking, and communicating, and proceeded along other lines. I made money and felt accomplished, but something was missing.

Now that I am working towards goals that fulfill my passion, I am happy, and I feel like I am succeeding in life.

Sure, it’s frustrating at times, and occasionally stressful, but I go to bed each night with a smile on my face, knowing that during the day I progressed, even a little bit, towards a place where I actually want to be. I’m not just working a job to make money or pay the bills; I’m doing what makes my spirit sing.

The author of Safe Computing is Like Safe Sex and Help! My Boss is Whacko!



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