Getting Started on a Book

Getting started is the hardest part of writing a book. Once you do that, doing a routine of writing every day is the key to success. read more →

Why The Hell do Books Cost so Little?

Books take months or even years to write. Why do they cost so little? read more →

A Book Coach can Help You Get Your Book Done

Have you come to a stop in your book writing project? Can’t seem to get it done or don’t know where to go next? Maybe you need a book coach. read more →

The Writing King Interviewed By The Web Woman

The Web Woman interviewed Richard Lowe, The Writing King, about subjects including writing, ghostwriting and the internet. read more →

Business Networking like a Crazy Man

Business networking is a lot of work but it pays big dividends. This week has just started and I’ve already been networking like crazy with great success. read more →

Photographing People Makes Better Art

Drawing people can be difficult. Since I am a professional photographer, I learned how to pose, proper lighting etc which helps photographing people.. read more →

Self-Publishing is the Ultimate Freedom

Self publishing is the ideal way to get your book out there. You can write and publish what you want and make all the other choices. It’s up to you. read more →

Word Crimes by “Weird Al” Yankovic, A Ditty About Grammar and Spelling

I found a fantastic video by “Weird Al” Yankovic called Word Crimes. If you are a writer, you’ll absolutely love this. read more →

Writing Critique Groups are an Essential Tool for Authors

if you want to improve your writing skills, and meet other writers of varying skillsets, writing critique groups are an answer. Your writing will improve. read more →

Automating Writing Tasks Can Free Up Hours Each Day

Is marketing, promoting, writing books and publishing becoming overwhelming? If so, perhaps it is time to do some automation of some routine tasks. I write lots of blogs (almost daily) and create videos, and using automation I was able to remove the burden of spreading the word about each one. Now it’s done for me. read more →