Call yourself a Professional? Show yourself off!

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5 Reasons to Get a Professional LinkedIn Profile

You’d be wise to spend the time and money to get a professional LinkedIn profile. This defines the way others perceive you on the Internet. A poor or nonexistent LinkedIn profile doesn’t communicate well about you, and others will draw conclusions based on that. read more →

Why LinkedIn is the Secret Ingredient

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12 Ways To Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile

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Use LinkedIn to Create Business Without Alienating People

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Dammit! Learn How to Use LinkedIn to Network!

Dammit. After confirming a new connection on LinkedIn, I received yet another canned message from the person. Or rather, from his robotic software. His message went on for a dozen paragraphs, telling me about his service in detail, along with background information, an offer for a free book to join his mailing list, plus 4.. read more →

Ineffective Ways to Use LinkedIn

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Using LinkedIn to Establish Your Personal Brand

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Tips for Maximizing the Value of your LinkedIn

ROCHEL: I would just like to take this time to welcome Richard to “Blissful Living”. Richard is the author of Focus on LinkedIn, which is a book about how to brand yourself using LinkedIn. I am your host, Rochel Marie Lawson. Welcome to the show Richard. RICHARD: Well thank you. It’s good to be here… read more →