Things to Consider Before Hiring a Ghostwriter

Take your time to find the right professional ghostwriter. Talk to them up front to ensure they produce a great book and that it will be a great experience. read more →

What Is The Best Way To Choose a Ghostwriter?

How do you choose your ghostwriter? The same way you check out anyone else that you’re hiring as a contractor. Your book is important, take the time to chose the right ghostwriter for you. read more →

3 Ways to Make BIG Money from Your Book

Here are 3 ways you can make major money from your book. read more →

What Does a Professional Ghostwriter Cost?

How much does ghostwriting cost? It depends on the experience and skill of the ghostwriter? Since this is your brand, do you want to settle for cheap? read more →

Why Should You Hire a Ghostwriter?

You’ve wanted to write a book for years or even longer. Yet it never seems to get done. A ghostwriter can help you finally get it written and published! read more →

So You Want to Hire A Ghostwriter…

I gave a speech about ghostwriting to the “Learn & Earn” Money Secrets & Networking Lunch in Clearwater. You can listen to the entire speech here and learn more about what it means to hire a ghostwriter. This meetings’ speaker is: Richard G. Lowe, Owner of The Writing King, which specializes in fulfilling any writing need. Because.. read more →

The Writing King Interviewed By The Web Woman

The Web Woman interviewed Richard Lowe, The Writing King, about subjects including writing, ghostwriting and the internet. read more →

Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

Hiring a ghostwriter can cut through everything in life that gets in the way of making the time for writing. They do all the hard work for you. read more →

The Power of a Book

Anyone who has written and published a book gains credibility. That’s why business leaders and politicians publish books about themselves and their message. read more →

Writing Books Requires a Variety of Talents

As of today, I have ghostwritten about a dozen books, written over 100 technical documents, and published 12 books of my own. I’ve got four books that are written and going through the review process and lots more planned. The process of writing a book can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Writer’s block is real, and motivation.. read more →