8 Ways To Market Yourself With A Book

To supercharge your personal brand write a book (or have one ghostwritten) explaining your message and viewpoint. Nothing boosts branding like a book! read more →

Call yourself a Professional? Show yourself off!

Do you want to be seen as a professional? You need to act like one, spend the time, money and effort to create an attractive and interesting brand. read more →

Why You Should Love Branding Yourself with a Book

Books have immense power and those who have published garner respect, confidence and even awe. Once of the best ways to brand yourself is to write a book. read more →

What does a Smart Entrepreneur do to Make it Big?

Every entrepreneur needs a book to rise above the competition, establish their credibility and get press and people to notice them. read more →

Doctors Expand Your Practice with a Book

A Doctor needs a book to define credibility, establish expertise and help patients understand. A book is the perfect way to make you the authority! read more →

Branding is the First Step of a New Business

Branding is vital to the success of a business. Without a well-defined, narrowly focused brand, the focus of a business will be scattered all over the place, customers will be confused, and promotions will not be as effective as they could be. What is branding? Your brand is the image you present to your customers… read more →

The Importance of Branding Everything

Put your brand on everything: business cards, stationary, sticky pads, notebooks, stickers and pens. This reinforces your brand and puts attention on it. read more →

Create a Consistent Bio on all Social Media

When you are being researched by a potential employer or client, they are going to check all of your social media. Ensure it’s all consistent and positive. read more →

Public Speaking Improves your Personal Brand

If you want to supercharge your branding efforts, try your hand at public speaking. A few speeches given to influential audiences can do wonders. read more →

Using LinkedIn to Establish Your Personal Brand

LinkedIn is a vital component to your personal brand. Spend the time and money to make your profile stand out and be as good as you can make it. read more →