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Writing a book is a difficult and time consuming task. I’ve written over 30 of them, and these articles share some of the knowledge I have gained from that experience.

Internet of Things: Digitize or Die

Understand, master, and survive the Internet of Things with one simple and pragmatic methodology broken down into four steps. read more →

Honest Amazon reviews

If you want to sell your books, you’d better work fast once your book is published to get them. read more →

8 Ways To Market Yourself With A Book

To supercharge your personal brand write a book (or have one ghostwritten) explaining your message and viewpoint. Nothing boosts branding like a book! read more →

Be An Author And Write About Your Passion

Learn how to be an author, and write books fast, publish them yourself, then market then so you can make money. read more →

Professional Writer

Adopted from a live interview By Gail Mercer MacKay 6-Figure Freelance Writer Blueprint Gail: Richard, there has been a lot of excitement in our writing community about your success. Can you tell us your process for ghostwriting and freelancing? Richard: Well, the first thing is to be confident. You need to be confident of your value. Never go for.. read more →

Why You Should Love Branding Yourself with a Book

Books have immense power and those who have published garner respect, confidence and even awe. Once of the best ways to brand yourself is to write a book. read more →

You want to sell your books? Learn to Market!

Getting a book to sell more than a few copies is the major challenge faced by most authors in the self-publishing world. How do you create a profitable book? read more →

Babelcube will translate your Books and it’s Easy

Babelcube is one place where you can go to translate your books for free. It’s simple, and you split the royalties with the translator. read more →

What do you do when you get a Bad Book Review?

Most of my books receive 4 or 5 star ratings on Amazon. In fact, all but 3 ratings are in that range. It always feels good to receive a good rating, especially when the reviewer takes the time to write a thorough review to go along with the rating. However, the day will come when you.. read more →

Writing Books Requires a Variety of Talents

As of today, I have ghostwritten about a dozen books, written over 100 technical documents, and published 12 books of my own. I’ve got four books that are written and going through the review process and lots more planned. The process of writing a book can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Writer’s block is real, and motivation.. read more →