18 Apr 2017

Business Networking like a Crazy Man

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Business Networking will bring prosperity and expansionI’m a big believer in business networking, which means I like to form relationships with fellow business professionals so we can help each other in various ways. In fact, I wrote and published a book called Network Your Business to Prosperity to help people learn what they need to know to become effective networkers.

Lately, I’ve decided to pump up the volume and have been business networking more than ever before. Let me give you an example of what I’ve been doing, which might give you some ideas to help you connect with other professionals as well.

  1. Updated LinkedIn profile – One of my jobs is Senior LinkedIn Branding Expert, and I tell all my social media clients they need to update their LinkedIn profile regularly. Search engines such as Google and LinkedIn love to see changes because it means there is new and fresh information. This week, in between everything else, I’ve been working on my profile. I’ve changed so my profile needs to reflect what’s happened and what is new.
  2. Attended networking meeting – I attended an RGA Network (a Florida-based business networking group) meeting on Monday for lunch. This was a new meeting, clear across town, but I wanted to reach out and find some new people and fresh contacts. This turned out to be a super-nice group.At each of these meetings someone gives a 10 minute speech about themselves and their business. The person scheduled for that day canceled, so I volunteered and gave a completely off the cuff talk which everyone seemed to like. In fact, I wound up scheduling three one-on-one meetings (we call them MOMs for Meetings Outside the Meeting) for later in the week. This is where the real networking occurs. Well worth the 90 minute driving time (to and from).
  3. Attended Toastmasters – One of my goals is to speak everywhere and as often as I possibly can, and to improve my abilities as a speaker I decided to attend a Toastmasters meeting at the Clearwater Public Library. This was a fantastic visit with great results. The group is small and they will let me speak every single week if I want, and I’ll definitely take them up on their offer.One of the attendee’s approached me and told me he read one of my books, Scott Howard’s Tips on Becoming a Highly Paid Public Speaker, and loved it. He and I set up a meeting to talk about the possibility of ghostwriting a book for him.  🙂
  4. Library – While I was at the library, I talked with the librarian about the possibility of teaching a class. She said that would be great, gave me the same of someone to talk to, and mentioned the library pays instructors. Another big win.
  5. Human rights organization – While I was in the area, I stopped by the Human Rights office in Clearwater and talked with the director about making a Human Rights Coloring Book. He loved the idea and said they might want to offer it to their instructors! Another huge win.
  6. Meeting to set up bi-weekly Author event – Met with Donnie, my marketing person, to set up a bi-weekly YouTube event for authors. We firmed out the date and set it to go.
  7. Paperwork – Here’s the part many networkers forget – Sending a follow-up email to each person confirming meetings, thanking them for speaking with me, offering help or whatever. The additional contact is vital.

Not too shabby for two days work!

This is business networking. Reach out to like-minded people, talk to them, get to know them, and build a relationship.

Believe me, this works like a charm.

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