26 Jul 2019

8 Ways To Market Yourself With A Book

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Publishing your own book is one of the most effective ways to get noticed, attract attention, and establish your brand and your credibility.

Think about it as marketing yourself as a brand. Your book defines your brand by explaining why you are the expert and giving the background information to reinforce your claim. You get the opportunity to explain your story in an interesting way, describe why you are the expert, and answer questions you commonly receive.

How Do I Brand Myself?

There are many methods to branding yourself, including:

  • creating an optimized, targeted LinkedIn profile,
  • blogging,
  • speaking at events,
  • creating a Facebook business page,
  • tweeting on Twitter,
  • and so on.

All of these methods are reinforced by a book of your own.

How do I know?

A few years ago, long before I was a ghostwriter, I had an appointment with a salesperson. I arrived at his office on time, as always, and was ushered into his office. He stood, hand extended, looked me in the eye, and introduced himself. I glanced over his shoulder and saw a number of books, each with his name on the spine. I forget the title, but he had a paperback and hardcover version of a book which he authored.

I’ve always liked books, so the fact that he’d written one immensely increased his credibility in my eyes.

He noticed my glance, reached back, and handed me a paperback copy of the book, asking if I’d like to keep one for myself, and even offering to sign it for me. Of course, I accepted.

During our discussion he referenced the book constantly, and was able to use it as a prop to help get his point across. He obviously knew his material, and the fact that he could show me quotes and references from a book that he’d written reinforced his points dramatically.

That’s what a book does for you.

Your book is how to self market yourself. Think of it as an expanded business card with all of the details about you and your brand.

What Are the Advantages of Being a Published Author?

The most powerful action you can take to create a personal brand is to write a book. That may seem like a huge task, but you can hire a ghostwriter to do the work for you. In this case, once you find a ghostwriter, you feed them the information you want to include in your book, and they will write it for you. Your job is to provide the material, review the manuscript, and get it published.

Is it really that simple?

The process is simple for you, because hiring a ghostwriter does most of the work for you. Of course, you still need to provide the information (in the form of written materials and interviews), and you will need to review and revise the book, but those are small tasks compared to writing tens of thousands of words.

People have immense respect for anyone who has written a book, regardless of the subject. There’s a certain mystique associated with being an author who has published one or more volumes.

Writing a book immediately gives you credibility that you know and understand your subject. After all, you must know what you are talking about since you wrote a whole book on the subject…

Being the author of a book is the ultimate in establishing your credibility.

What Can I Do With My Book?

There are many ways you can use a book to build your personal brand. Here are some examples of marketing yourself with your own book.

  1. To get speaking engagements, and then make a few extra dollars by selling copies on the back table.
  2. To gain credibility with potential employers and clients.
  3. To get you interview spots on podcasts, radio shows and even television.
  4. To impress your clients and give them information about you and your services.
  5. To serve as the base of your marketing platform. Use it as a launch point for your campaigns.
  6. To give you something to talk about to your clients, inventors and others.
  7. To give you talking points for your social media campaigns.
  8. To give to clients and prospects.

Your book keeps your message on point.

There are many other ways you can use a book to open doors and get your brand noticed.

Spend the time and the money to create a great book which describes your personal brand, your philosophy and delivers your message.

Nothing is as powerful for branding as a book.


Don’t know how to write? Afraid of the time it will take to write a book? You don’t need to write it yourself. You can hire a ghostwriter to write it for you. Contact The Writing King to talk more about how a book can help you promote yourself and your brand, improve your communications with their customers, and add to your bottom line.

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