Are You Embarrassed By Rejection? Here’s What Freelancers Can Do

Rejection is part of being a freelancer. It’s part of the game. Just deliver your best work, communicate with the client to correct any issues and move on. read more →

Writing Is My Passion And I Couldn’t Be Happier

The other day, I was busy writing the final chapter to a book that I had been hired to ghostwrite. I was having a little bit of difficulty writing those final words to recap the 150 pages that I just finished. How do you boil down almost 30,000 words into a page or two without.. read more →

How do you stay on TOP OF MIND for your customers?

Stay on the top of mind for your customers, readers, and followers by giving far more than you receive. read more →

Bjørn Larssen: How I Became A Writer (Guest Blog)

Bjørn Larssen self published his first graphic novel, handcrafted with crayons, sticky tape, Staples and paper ripped from a notebook, when he was six years old. read more →

Fiona Mcvie Interviews Richard Lowe Jr

Fiona Mcvie interviews Richard G Lowe Jr read more →

To ISBN or not to ISBN?

Whether or not you purchase ISBN numbers for your self-published books depends on your needs and desires. Most self-publishers don’t need them. read more →

Cracking The ISBN Number Secret

An ISBN number is essential to properly classifying your book, so that book sellers can find it and the information about it. Do you need an ISBN number? Should you use the ones supplied “for free” from the various self-publishing companies? What does an ISBN number do, anyway? Let’s being by defining the purpose of an ISBN number… read more →

Social Media Can Bite You In The Butt So Clean It Up

Over the years, if you are like most people, you’ve published a lot on social media. To protect your image and brand, audit it and clean it up. read more →

How Not To Make Money On The Internet

There are many ways to make money, but keep in mind if it seems to be too good to be true, it almost certainly isn’t going to work. read more →

Free Means You Get What You Pay For

When you use free hosting for your blog or website, don’t be surprise if you get what you pay for. read more →