Preparing for Hurricane Irma to Survive

How do you prepare for a hurricane? You’ve got an advantage over other forms of disasters – generally, there is a warning several days in advance. Use those to prepare. read more →

How do you Choose a Ghostwriter?

How do you choose your ghostwriter? The same way you check out anyone else that you’re hiring as a contractor. Your book is important, take the time to chose the right ghostwriter for you. read more →

3 Ways to Make BIG Money from Your Book

Why on earth would anyone want to write a book? I mean, a book takes a hell of a lot of time and skill to write (although a ghostwriter can make this easy for  you) and there are no guarantees that it will sell on Amazon or in bookstores. Well, there are lots of reasons.. read more →

What Does a Professional Ghostwriter Cost?

How much does ghostwriting cost? It depends on the experience and skill of the ghostwriter? Since this is your brand, do you want to settle for cheap? read more →

Why Should You Hire a Ghostwriter?

You’ve wanted to write a book for years or even longer. Yet it never seems to get done. A ghostwriter can help you finally get it written and published! read more →

How Does a Book Help Your Business?

If you want to establish your credibility and define your authority, write and publish a book. Don’t know how to write? Hire a ghostwriter read more →

Do you REALLY Want to Make a Living as a Freelance Writer?

So you say you are a freelance writer yet you are not making even $10,000 a year? Stop treating your writing as a hobby and become a professional. read more →

A Hurricane is Coming! What Do I Do?

You heard on the news that a hurricane is coming. Now what do you do (besides panic)? What supplies do you need? What’s the plan? read more →

Why The Hell do Books Cost so Little?

You heard me. Why do books cost so little? Look at it this way. Some author spends hundreds of hours pouring their heart and soul into a story, writing hundreds of pages with great characters, beautiful backgrounds, and a good plot and story line. Once written, the book has to be edited, critiqued, proofread, edited.. read more →

What’s this thing called Alignable?

Alignable is a social media platform designed to let local businesses network and learn about each other. It’s a useful platform. read more →