Leaders Know When to Take a Chance

Leaders understand that the best people usually don’t come through job sites or piles of resumes. Sometimes they walk in the door unannounced. read more →

Not Getting Hired? Put in the Basics

Have you sent out countless resumes and been out on hundreds of interviews without getting offered a job? Perhaps it time to make some changes. read more →

What does a Smart Entrepreneur do to Make it Big?

Every entrepreneur needs a book to rise above the competition, establish their credibility and get press and people to notice them. read more →

Doctors Expand Your Practice with a Book

A Doctor needs a book to define credibility, establish expertise and help patients understand. A book is the perfect way to make you the authority! read more →

You Can be a Fearsome Troll!

You’re in a great conversation, all is going well and everyone is getting along. Suddenly people are yelling and fights are breaking out. You’ve got a troll read more →

Work Towards Your Own Goals

In late 2013, it was time to find another job. I’d been at Trader Joe’s for 20 years, working at the Director, Computer Operations. This was a good job and it was a good company, but times had changed and it was time to move onward. You see, I realized there was a difference between.. read more →

Books Don’t Sell Themselves

Writing a book is hard work, but that’s only the beginning. Next, you need to make a great cover, description and so forth to get it to move at all. read more →

You call yourself an entrepreneur?

You think you are an entrepreneur? How would anyone know? Do you work to get your name out there and promote yourself? You must establish your brand. read more →

Getting Started on a Book

Getting started is the hardest part of writing a book. Once you do that, doing a routine of writing every day is the key to success. read more →

Nanotechnology and Medicine

Nanotechnology is going to change the world, and medicine in particular. We’ll be able to send microscopic robots directly to diseased tissue. read more →