I Will Tell You The Truth About How to Sell Your Book

You’ve put a lot of work into you book, and you want it to sell, right? Learn how to write a book description that causes your readers to purchase NOW. Until you understand and apply the techniques described here, your book sales will not be their best. read more →

Should Your Book be Politically Correct?

Being politically correct seems to be in vogue these days. A few people believe no one has the right to hurt their feelings or make them feel bad. In some colleges and universities, it has gotten so pervasive that it’s considered an actionable offense to ask someone where they come from. In Canada, by law.. read more →

Types of disaster recovery

The only this you can count on is there will be a disaster at some time. Thus, you’d better have good disaster recovery plans. read more →

Disaster recovery

Preparing the computer systems of your company for disaster recovery is one of the most important tasks of an IT manager. read more →

Laying the groundwork for disaster recovery

Before you being building your disaster recovery plan, you have to lay the groundwork. You have to plan or it just won’t work the way you expect. read more →

Getting started on your disaster recovery project

Now that you have planned and sold the boss, it is time to get started on your disaster recovery project. read more →

Convincing the boss about the need for disaster recovery

Now that you’ve done you research and have your ducks in a row, it’s time to convince the boss to approve your disaster recovery plan. read more →

Examples of Disasters

You must be prepared for different types of disasters. read more →

Checklist for disaster recovery

Look over this quick checklist to ensure your disaster recovery plan covers all the bases read more →

Stop Being Ignorant and Stupid

Do you enjoy being ignorant and stupid? Or would you prefer to be intelligent and knowledgeable? Which condition is better for decision making and a long life? About 10 years ago, I enrolled in Phoenix University, and one the first class on the schedule was about plagiarism and citations. The second class was all about.. read more →