Is it Morally Wrong to Use an AdBlock Application?

Is it morally wrong to use AdBlock? When I was younger, I subscribed to many different magazines. I was fascinated by different subjects, including military history, geopolitics, science fiction, fantasy, and photography. At first, the advertising was sparse and generally ads seem to be positioned with articles and content with a similar subject. Any other.. read more →

There Ain’t no Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Is there really such a thing as a free lunch? Nothing is ever free, and that applies doubly so for the internet. That “free” service you are using is actually costing you far more than you might think. Always remember that when something appears to be free, that you or somebody else is paying somehow. read more →

10 Reasons to Become a Freelance Writer

Have you ever thought about becoming a freelance writer? There are tremendous benefits to a freelance writing career including being your own boss, setting your own schedule, and working from home. It can also be quite scary, especially if that becomes you’re only income, because then you’re fully responsible for making your own money. Here.. read more →

To use or not to use the Jetpack Plugin

Should you use Jetpack for your website? The advantages you can get your website up quickly with functions that you can use. The disadvantage is the code is bloated and can slow down your site. read more →

5 Reasons to Get a Professional LinkedIn Profile

You’d be wise to spend the time and money to get a professional LinkedIn profile. This defines the way others perceive you on the Internet. A poor or nonexistent LinkedIn profile doesn’t communicate well about you, and others will draw conclusions based on that. read more →

Don’t Cry if You Can’t Afford a Ghostwriter

What your options if you must have a book, yet you can’t afford a ghostwriter? Do you give up? Actually, there are several options that you can pursue to get your dream of writing and publishing your book completed. read more →

Why Is Everyone Talking About Ethical Ghostwriting?

Do you think ghostwriting is ethical? There is a lie involved in the whole process – the so-called author didn’t actually write the book. read more →

Luna, or the Moon, has Always Fascinated Me

The moon, or Luna, is always interesting to photograph and look at. I’ve been fascinated by the moon since I was a young man. read more →

Internet of Things: Digitize or Die

Understand, master, and survive the Internet of Things with one simple and pragmatic methodology broken down into four steps. read more →

LiveDrive is Great to Backup Your Computer Automatically

One of the most critical tasks for any computer owner is backup. Yet most neglect this. LiveDrive can help by automating the process. Backup your computer and save your data when the inevitable happens and your drive or computer crashes. read more →