The Brave New World of Self-Publishing

The golden age is before us, not behind us. — William Shakespeare Authors have never had it better. Never in the history of man has it been so easy to get your message – your book – published so that it is available for hundreds, thousands, or even millions of readers to readily purchase. You.. read more →

Modern Hiring Doesn’t Find The Right People For the Job

“We focus on two things when hiring. First, find the best people you can in the world. And second, let them do their work. Just get out of their way.” —Matt Mullenweg I personally hired over 100 people in the course of my 35-year career beginning as an application coder and ending as the Director.. read more →

How Can a Ghostwriter Write My Book if I Have No Time?

There are many busy executives and business people who want to write a book. They understand that a published book about their expertise, unique story and value proposition will help them market themselves and their businesses. But usually they feel they are just too busy to sit down and write it. Sometimes they’ve written some.. read more →

Writing Coaching – What the Heck is That?

Sometimes it’s tough being a writer. It seems like there are so many moving pieces to writing a good short story or novel. It can be terribly confusing, even to experience writers. What are some of the skills you need to write and sell a novel or story? You must understand and be able to.. read more →

Why You Need A Book NOW

“It’s all about people. It’s about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges. Your book is going to impress, but in the end, it is people that are going to hire you.” — Mike Davidson Books have immense power and those who have published garner respect, confidence, and even awe. It seems that.. read more →

13 Questions About Ghostwriting You Should Ask

Many ghostwriters are honest, professional writers who desire and have the skills to get your book or other material written at high quality. However, there are some things you should look out for when you’re choosing a ghostwriter for your project. read more →

From Grief to Ghostwriting [Interview and podcast]

The writing dream, like any good goal, is difficult to achieve. Josh Wilson interviews Richard Lowe about how he is accomplishing his dream as a writer and ghostwriter. read more →

Is Ghostwriting Ethical?

Is ghostwriting ethical? It depends on what we mean about ghostwriting. In the case of books, it’s a well-established tradition for famous individuals and influencers to write their books using a ghostwriter. read more →

How do I Choose a Ghostwriter?

How do you choose your ghostwriter? The same way you check out anyone else that you’re hiring as a contractor. Your book is important, take the time to chose the right ghostwriter for you. read more →

Get Rid of Writer’s Block Once and For All

All writers get writer’s block on occasion. The thing to do is to overcome the barrier, find the cause, and move on so you can be productive again. read more →