The Writing King Interviewed By The Web Woman

The Web Woman interviewed Richard Lowe, The Writing King, about subjects including writing, ghostwriting and the internet. read more →

What is a blog, Anyway? It’s Your Powerful Home Base

Your blog is your home on the internet – the place where everything about you, your services and your business can be found. read more →

Self-Publishing is the Ultimate Freedom

Self publishing is the ideal way to get your book out there. You can write and publish what you want and make all the other choices. It’s up to you. read more →

Who Needs Professional Profiles?

You should create professional profiles in all of the major social media outlets and consistently post relevant, quality content. read more →

A Blogger Media Kit will get you Press Exposure

Help the media and press find you by creating a blogger media kit. This is a page on your blog with everything the media needs to know about you. By doing this, you are more likely to attract the attention of news outlets, podcasts, radio shows and so on. read more →

Book Marketing – 9 Ways to Waste Money and Time, Spin Your Wheels and Get Depressed

You can waste a lot of money on book marketing. Believe me, I know, because I’ve wasted more time and money than I like to think about. read more →

Business Networking is Powerful and Essential

Business networking is vital to your expansion. To move into the “big league” regardless of your profession, you have to network, and you must network hard. read more →

Brand Your Email Address to Boost Your Professional Image

Take a look at your email address? Does yours enhance your brand? Or does it subtly undermine your message? Maybe you should get a custom domain name. read more →

Writing Ideas Abound in Your Experiences and Life

I love to write, and in fact,my goal is to write 10,000 words of material every single day. This breaks down to a couple of blog articles, a couple of thousand words for paid work, a chapter in a novel, and part of an eBook. At least, that’s what I accomplished today. You might think.. read more →

Why Do Writers Write?

Writers and other artists feel passion about delivering their message to an audience. They want their art to be understood and appreciated. read more →