Why The Hell do Books Cost so Little?

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What’s this thing called Alignable?

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Dammit! Learn How to Use LinkedIn to Network!

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Audit Your Social Media

Audit your social media and delete anything that doesn’t show you in a positive light. Your online presence will be judged by others, including employers. read more →

Speaking at Networking Events

If you have joined a local networking group, you’ll be spending time and money to be a member.You should speak regularly to increase the value returned. read more →

Partnerships and Networking

The most common use of networking is to get referrals, but the smart networker also looks for businesses who can become partners. read more →

Branding is the First Step of a New Business

Branding is vital. The very first thing a new business must do is define their brand, then follow that up with a LinkedIn profile, blog and a book. read more →

SEO expert interview with Richard Lowe Jr

SEO Expert Richard Lowe Jr is interviewed by David James, an Australian SEO expert. read more →

Why Every Business Needs a Blog

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Help A Reporter Out and Get Publicity

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