Branding is the First Step of a New Business

Branding is vital. The very first thing a new business must do is define their brand, then follow that up with a LinkedIn profile, blog and a book. read more →

SEO expert interview with Richard Lowe Jr

Ghostwriter and author Richard Lowe Jr is interviewed by David James, an Australian SEO expert. read more →

Why Every Business Needs a Blog

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Help A Reporter Out and Seize Publicity

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A Book Coach can Help You Get Your Book Done

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Get a Ghostwriter To Smash Through Your Book

I gave a speech about how to get a ghostwriter as part of the “Learn & Earn” Money Secrets & Networking Lunch in Clearwater. You can listen to the entire speech here and learn more about what it means to hire a ghostwriter. This meetings’ speaker is: Richard G. Lowe, Owner of The Writing King, which.. read more →

Should I Get Certified?

Do we focus on our careers or education by getting certified? Is a certification important? read more →

The all important education

Education is vital to teach you how to learn, how to study and expose you to different subjects. read more →

Learning About The Internet

Take the time to learn about the internet. This will make it easier for you to stay safe, get around, and have fun. Ignorance will only hurt you. read more →

The Writing King Interviewed By The Web Woman

The Web Woman interviewed Richard Lowe, The Writing King, about subjects including writing, ghostwriting and the internet. read more →