13 Feb 2018

LiveDrive: Back up your data to the cloud

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Safe Computing is Like Safe SexIf you are anything like me, you have files, photos and videos stored on your computer. In my case, I have scanned images of negatives which have been long-lost, hundreds of videos, tens of thousands of photos, and documents of all types. Losing this data would be devastating, to say the least. Livedrive is the solution to saving your data from disaster on your Mac or PC.

In fact, I am a photographer and have taken several hundred thousand photos. A few years ago I stored all of these images on a single external hard-drive. One day there was a horrible screech. The hard-drive had failed. Fortunately, I was able to get the drive working again for long enough to recover all but a few hundred photos. It was a close call and I decided to ensure I would never be that close to disaster again.

After much research, I settled on a product called LiveDrive. This inexpensive utility installs in minutes and automatically backs up all of the data on the hard-drives of a computer into cloud storage. This means the data is safely stashed in a data center clear across the country. In fact, Livedrive maintains multiple locations, the files are safe even if their data center is destroyed.

The data is backed up over your internet connection. In the half-dozen years since I installed the product, I have never even noticed the impact on my system or on my internet speed. Livedrive is extremely good at prioritizing itself to run at times the system is not being used.

When you first install LiveDrive, it automatically backs up all of the data files on your disks. Note that applications and the operating system are not backed up. This product protects your data not your computer. Also, videos are not backed up unless you change a setting in the program.

Once the initial backup is complete, LiveDrive scans your drives on occasion and sends any changes to the cloud. So you always have up-to-date copies stored safely away from your home. Even better, the application maintains multiple versions, so if you change a document then decide you want an older version, you can go out to your cloud copy and retrieve it with ease.

I highly recommend this product for all home computer users.



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Richard Lowe Jr

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