12 Feb 2018

Call yourself a Professional? Show yourself off!



Do you call yourself a professional? Does your LinkedIn profile clearly demonstrate your skills, expertise, knowledge and credibility?

In my role as a LinkedIn Branding Expert, I talk to a lot of people all over the world, in all walks of life. Some of them are entry level, others have been in their business for a while, and still others are senior c-level executives in major corporations.

All of them say they want to use LinkedIn or other social media to find employment, clients or, in some cases, to provide information about themselves to their colleagues and clients. They want to be shown at their best, with a good story that reinforces their brand and their message.

In actuality, hiring a branding expert to write and organize your LinkedIn profile is an important part of being a professional. You see, professionals understand they are not good at everything and know how to delegate and use the appropriate resources to get the job done.

Your image is vital, and this is doubly true regarding the impression you make to others on the web. A positive, professional image can open doors and get you access to important, connected people. Conversely, a poor or mediocre image will halt or slow your forward progress, close doors, and deny you the networking opportunities you need to get ahead in your career.

For example, the photograph is of the first things I examine, because the photograph is by far the most important part of your profile. Given this fact, you’d think that everyone would spend the time, and possibly money, to ensure their profile photo is perfect and shows them off in the best possible light.

However, more than half the photos that I come across are blurry selfies, poorly lit and cropped personal images, or were obviously hastily taken by a co-worker or friend. You can bet that these people are not making a good impression, and they are losing employment and networking opportunities.

Sometimes, when I point this out, a client says they cannot afford to hire a professional photographer, so they decided to keep their amateur photo.

A professional understands that their image is vital, and spending a little money to make sure they are presented in their best possible light is vital and natural.

Every single part of your LinkedIn profile is intended to help add to your credibility, show off your expertise, and show off your skills, knowledge and experience. Use them all wisely and you’ll get noticed.

Spend the money on a professional quality LinkedIn profile. Sure, you can do a passable job on your own, but a writer who is skilled at profile writing, someone who does them for a living and has been trained, will understand exactly what needs to be in your profile to make it exactly right for you and your brand.

Likewise, a professional photographer understands lighting, posing and the technology of pictures, and will deliver you photos that show you off at your best. Isn’t that worth a few hundred dollars?

By shortchanging your branding and not spending the time and money appropriately, you are only denying yourself opportunities and advancement. Do yourself a favor, and loosen the purse strings to make your personal branding experience worthwhile and effective.

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Richard Lowe Jr

Richard Lowe Jr

Owner & Senior Writer, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, WordPress Implementation at The Writing King
Richard is the Owner and Senior Writer for The Writing King, a bestselling author, and ghostwriter. He's written and published 63 books, ghostwritten 20+ books, as well as hundreds of blog articles.
Richard Lowe Jr


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Maree Moreland

I completely understand what you are saying. I am the owner and face of my business. If I want my customers to believe in my professionalism then my profiles must be professional. I will look at mine differently now. Thank you


A profile picture really speaks a thousand words about you. Richard, I wanted to know whether you have taken on and completed projects where you had know prior knowledge about the topic you were writing about.I wanted to know :
How you overcame the self doubt ?
Did you admit to the client about your lack of expertise regarding the project?
How the client responded to your work?

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