25 Mar 2020

13 Things You Can Do During the CODVID-19 Pandemic

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The pandemic, COVID-19, has changed our lives. A large number of people are home, not able to work, and others have been sent home to work remotely.

I’m sure many of you feel like you’re going insane. You’re not used to not going out, not heading to the beach or going on a hike. In many places, you can’t even go out to a restaurant to eat.

Well, there are some things you can do to keep yourself sane and maybe improve your quality of life.

  1. Learn about COVID-19 and what’s happening in your area. some excellent videos are presented at the bottom of this article. I recommend also listening to the informational briefings by your local governor, mayor or other elected officials. To reduce stress, stay away from the mainstream news as much as possible.
  2. Make sure you are safe. Follow the recommendations published by the CDC. Wash you hands with soap often. Stay 6 feet (minimum) from others when out in public. Avoid public gatherings.
  3. Declutter your living space. Get an eBay or similar account on another auction site. As you declutter, note the things you want to discard and what you want to keep. As you note discards, note if they appear to be salable. You can enter a description, ISBN number or keywords into the eBay search bar to find out more information. This can give you some money while you are stuck at home and clear out some of the junk you’ve held onto all your life.
  4. Clean your house. Use disinfectant on the floors, bathrooms and kitchens. Use antiseptic on doorknobs and entrance ways. Clean your entire home top to bottom, including behind and under furniture.
  5. Catch up on random chores. Do anything you’ve been putting off.
  6. Sign up for online freelance opportunities such as Upwork, Fiverr and so on. Explore a few of these to see if there are opportunities for income. Remember eBay is for selling your stuff and Etsy is for selling homemade items.
  7. Ensure you are stocked with food and essentials for 2 weeks. Don’t panic shop, just buy what you need for a couple of weeks.
  8. Take some online courses. Udemy is a great site to get started.
  9. Binge-watch some series that you’ve been meaning to watch.
  10. Exercise. Take walks (maintain distance from others). Put together an exercise routine and start doing it.
  11. Look over your life and see if there are any bad habits, even small ones, that you haven’t been confronting. Now might be a good time to stop.
  12. Start doing something you’ve promised you’d start doing for years. Been promising that you’ll start writing a book? Now is the time.
  13. Get reacquainted with your family. This might be a good time to pull out those old board games.

Want to know more about COVID-19? This video will help you understand.



Richard Lowe Jr

Richard Lowe Jr

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